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PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : A Great Big Pile Of Leaves (Update I)


A Great Big Pile Of Leaves are currently out on tour with Mansions and Young Statues. The band will be doing a Road Blog for PropertyOfZack to keep fans updated from the road. Check out the first entry below and be sure to come back each week for more!

From Tyler Soucy:

We’re a week into our run with Mansions and Young Statues, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the turnout at these shows. It’s awesome to see people reacting to, and supporting all three bands each night. 

The best part so far, has been how well the bands have been getting along.  We have played with both Mansions and Young Statues a few times before, but you never know what it will be like to see the same people everyday. It’s interesting to be out on the road with bands that are on the same level and have the same goals and aspirations. 

I’ve been pulling double duty on drums, playing with AGBPOL as well as with Mansions every night, and even though I’m typing this out with a total of ten blisters on my left hand, this tour has been one of the smoothest, stress free runs we have been on. Although, Young Statues’ van did catch on fire a couple of days into the trip, so I’m sure they’ll discuss that further. 

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